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We call the process “The Conveyor Belt of Business Building,” where you build a solid foundation and then pick up new pieces and tools along the path to long term success.

Our process includes a four (4) phase system, consisting of the Foundation Phase, Development Phase, Attraction Phase, and Systems Phase.

We provide you with a systematic structured approach to help you generate new leads, new business, and create momentum for long term results.

Our Technology School is a program that focuses on building confidence and gaining clarity around technology, helping you take control of your time, and showing you how to build systems in your business so you can serve more clients.

We teach with patience and excellent listening skills to empower our clients and rid them of the overwhelm that so often accompanies learning anything new.


Crystal Girgenti

Crystal is known for helping startup business owners make it to their first $100,000 in business. She has studied mindset and psychology for 15+ years and applied her findings to how to best teach technology and the process of building a business.

She works with startup service based businesses and direct sales consultants, guiding them through the process of building a successful business and training them to use the technology needed at each step.

She will empower you. She will challenge you. And she will push you to reach whatever goals you may have.

Crystal built DYIG to offer a safe, judgement-free place for business owners to get the help they needed and become aware of what holds them back from the success they desire. She won’t give up unless you give up.

Ben Eison

Ben is known for developing a sales strategy that helped him generate over $20 million in revenue.

His vast management experience with large Fortune 500 technology & communications companies, as well as, work as a small business coach & management consultant confirms Ben’s exceptional ability to build, train, and mentor successful sales & operations teams.

Ben’s core belief is that the best results in business (and life) are obtained when “people are given the support they need, and inspired to give their best in the passionate pursuit of their goals and dreams”.


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