Catapult Your Commissions

Attention Direct Sales Consultants:   


“I think didn’t think it would be this hard”…

…is the most common statement we hear from direct sales consultants who are simply looking for a way to contribute additional income to the family.

You’re trying everything. You’re going to meetings, talking to your upline, making calls, and posting on Facebook. You’re burning out.

You need a solid sales foundation to achieve your income goals. And the fact is, you’re not being taught…until now.

And to be very clear – you will not sell millions overnight. It’s a process. You should see consistent gains, month after month. That’s called “building momentum.”



check You’re a direct sales consultant, maybe getting a sale here or there, but YOU…WANT…MORE!

check You want to know the “secret” to boosting your new business like others are doing, but you can’t figure it out.

check You are willing to make a commitment to your business to get the sales you want and finally end the struggle.

check You’re ready to learn and implement the strategies to success and prepare yourself to teach others.


Your ticket to more customers, more consultants, and more commissions!


This is the PERFECT starting point for you if you have a new business in the direct sales world, but aren’t quite getting the commission checks you want just yet. And you aren’t quite sure what to do to fix it.

You’re doing what you’re told, sharing your products and your business with others, and asking for referrals. So why aren’t people signing up?

You need to take a step back and learn the foundation of building a business, a sales strategy that will help you build momentum, and gain clarity on how to set yourself for future success.


You have what it takes, but you need support.


When you register for the Catapult Your Commissions program, you’ll gain access to the 2 module audio training, along with worksheets and exercise to enhance your learning. Be sure to do the work to get the most out of the training.

In this powerful course for beginners, we’ll cover…

  • The simple strategy you can implement TODAY to double your commissions and beyond!
  • How to build a solid foundation for your business to help you build momentum
  • How to find all the customers you need to reach or exceed your current revenue goals!
  • How to boost your confidence and rid yourself of the fear of rejection!
  • The truth behind success that NO ONE is teaching you…until now!



“Crystal’s presentation was outstanding. So many times things can become so overwhelming that a lot of people don’t take action because they don’t know what to do first. If I can do it, you can do it!”
Ben E.
“The biggest thing that I feel inside is all about confidence. I just feel so warm. And I was just really happy that she was able to break it down, that I understood how to do this and it doesn’t feel overwhelming.”
Ellen G.
“Doing the same routine is getting old and this is outside my comfort zone. I am grateful for having you put in my path and for deciding to attend your last workshop. Thank you for believing in me and challenging me.”
Colleen B.

It’s Time to Decide…

You can continue to figure it out on your own and delay any success OR…

You can enroll in the “Catapult Your Commissions” program and gain a solid foundation to building your new business

It’s your call.

You DESERVE better. You have what it takes.

You’re not alone. We’re here to help you.

Enroll TODAY to start building momentum!


Our Team

Crystal Girgenti, Founder

Crystal is known for helping startup business owners make it to their first $100,000 in business.

She works with startup service based businesses and direct sales consultants, guiding them through the process of building a successful business and training them to use the technology needed at each step.

She will empower you. She will challenge you. And she will push you to reach whatever goals you may have.

Crystal built DYIG to offer a safe, judgement-free place for business owners to get the help they needed and become aware of what holds them back from the success they desire. She won’t give up unless you give up.

Ben Eison, Senior Consultant

Ben is known for developing a sales strategy that helped him generate over $20 million in revenue.

His vast management experience with large Fortune 500 technology & communications companies, direct sales, as well as, work as a small business coach & management consultant confirms Ben’s exceptional ability to build, train, and mentor successful sales & operations teams.

Ben’s core belief is that the best results in business (and life) are obtained when “people are given the support they need, and inspired to give their best in the passionate pursuit of their goals and dreams”.

On the fence?

We’ll take on the risk… If you begin your program, do the work, and attend the first Q&A session, and you feel this isn’t the program for you, email us WITHIN 7 DAYS of the start of your program and will refund your money, no questions asked. There are no refunds after 7 days of starting your program.

It’s Time to Take Matters Into Your Own Hands.

It’s Time to Get Clear On Your Missing Pieces.

And It’s Time To Start Being The Success You Want To Be.


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