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Here’s the truth… Consultants aren’t getting the training they need to succeed.

Your upline is stacked with amazing people, but they aren’t exactly teaching you how to get to their level. (let’s be clear – this in no way makes anyone a bad person, it’s just the truth, okay?)

It’s up to you to figure out how to sell, with a few tidbits of advice here and there. But it’s not enough, otherwise, you’d be swimming in cash and you’d be climbing the ranks faster.

The majority of direct sales consultants see lackluster results in their commission checks and every day struggle with “where am I going to find my next customer?”

It is essential that you learn how to sell effectively and are held accountable to your goals.

If you’re looking to add to the family income, earn the money to put your kids through college, or go on that dream vacation, right now, you need to step back and get very clear on how to sell effectively and create a system of tracking your results.



…is the answer to getting rid of the overwhelm you’re feeling – the state of confusion. This state of confusion takes the focus away from the business building actions you must take now and delays any success.

There are 3 MAJOR skills you need to learn in order to see the boost in your commission check you’re looking for:

  1. Simple sales strategies to sell effectively and predict your monthly income based on your actions
  2. How to boost your confidence and rid yourself of the fear of rejection which will hold you back and cause you to stop dead in your tracks
  3. How to set up a system for tracking your sales activities and results, freeing you up to go out and make sales!

Clarity will open your eyes to your next move. We give you the knowledge and training to keep you moving forward.


If you’re looking for a starting point to building your sales and help you uncover your next move toward bigger commission checks, the Catapult Your Commissions program will build a solid foundation for growth.

In this two (2) module training, we teach you how to set clear goals, how to overcome any resistance to sales, and the one sales tactic that sets the “high earners” apart from those with mediocre results. You can use implement this training month after month, and watch your sales flourish.

You’ll find the course description and learn more about this powerful entry level program here: Catapult Your Commissions.

Want To Take It A Step Farther And Discuss Your Next Move?

Not getting the results you want in your business can be draining on your confidence and drive. You are doing so many things at once that you are overwhelmed and not sure what to do next to get more clients and make more money. It’s time for an upgrade!

Every day our coaches and trainers help business owners like you get clear on what’s holding them back and what actions will help the most right now. Schedule a complimentary session to uncover the obstacles in your path. There’s no obligation to work with us and you won’t be subjected to sleazy sales tactics.

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