Double Your Rates Program

Attention Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers:   If you’re tired of working low-paying gigs, then listen up and discover…

How to Create and Sell
$1k to $10k Packages

— Even If You’ve Never Created A Premium Package Or Billed More Than
$100 Per Hour Before!

I want to share with you the 4 things I did to land my first $30,000 contract! –
(and never looked back!)

Hey there,

It’s time to stop selling yourself — and your talents—short!

Learn how to uplevel your business and start generating the revenue you WANT…

You’ve probably seen other business owners in your industry offer products and services (not much different from yours) that range well into 4- and even 5-figures.

And they are getting all the clients!

Why aren’t you?


The Hurdles That Hold You Back


Let’s be honest here. If you’ve been in business for more than a week or two, you’ve no doubt learned by now that people need and want what you have to offer—and they’re willing to pay for it, even if they aren’t buying from you.

And when you stop to consider that, it won’t take long to realize that what’s holding you back is… you.

  • You let your negative self-talk convince you that you’re not worth top dollar.
  • You put off creating high-end packages (telling yourself that you don’t know how).
  • You remain stuck in an outdated business model.
  • You surround yourself with people who don’t “get it” or who say they’re on your side, but who really aren’t.
  • You convince yourself that your market “just doesn’t have any money.”

The list goes on and on, but if you want to break free from your self-imposed income cap, it’s time to start thinking and acting like a highly-paid business owner, and that starts with…

Changing The Way You
Think About — And Run — Your Business

Now, I’m not going to dance around here. If you want to command top-tier rates, and you’re currently charging less per hour than your Starbucks barista, then you’ve got some work to do. The good news is, it’s totally possible. The better news is, you ARE up to it—we all are—if you have the right pieces in place.

If you’re struggling to put together the packages and service offers that will compel people to buy, or you worry that you don’t have the ability to command those kinds of rates, then you’re in the right place.

I’ve Got Everything You Need To Build Your High-End Offers
From The Ground Up — No Matter Where You’re Starting From.

Creating Premium Packages –
With Extra Zeros On The End!

There’s no magic formula here, and no secret handshake to learn. Just simple, step-by-step plans to turn your so-so programs into premier services that will have your calendar booked for weeks and even months to come. Not to mention a healthy sum in your bank account.

It all starts in Module 1 of this 4 WEEK 4-Module course (one module per week), where you’ll gain massive clarity on who your new clients will be and what they’re looking for so you can offer the best programs and CATAPULT your business to a new income level!


Module 1 – Identifying Ideal Clients To Fit Your New Pricing

Your ideal client profile may need an update. Client who are willing to pay more for your services have different wants and needs than lower paying clients. It’s just a shift you have to make to attract them.

In Module 1, we’ll take a good look at who your new clients will be and the ONE thing they are looking for. You’ll also learn…

  • 4 ways your business benefits from having clarity on who your new clients are
  • 26 questions to answer about your new clients
  • The ONE thing ALL clients are looking for, but only when they pay more (lower paying clients are NOT looking for this)
  • Top 3 ways high paying clients differ from lower paying clients and how it impacts your business

Module 2 – How To Calculate Your New Pricing and Create Irresistible Offers

Building a profile for your new target client is critical to your future success, so don’t just skim through Module 1. Module 2 is where we start to talk numbers and reformulate your pricing and program structures.

What do your packages say about you? You might just be surprised. In Module 2, we’ll work through the types of packages high-end clients expect — and that you can easily create.

  • A 3-step plan for mapping out your packages and funnels.
  • The 2 most important positioning tactics every package must include—miss these, and you’ll be right back where you started, with low-end offers and so-so clients.
  • An IN-DEPTH formula to determine the value of your programs – to justify your new higher rates (not only to your clients but to yourself!)
  • A quick 3-step calculation to gain clarity on what your new income level should be
  • 10 easy ways to add value to your programs that drives up the cost, but doesn’t eat up your time or profits

Module 3 – Simple Mindset Tactics To Prepare You For The Upleveling Of Your Business (and Life!)

If you’re feeling stuck serving low-paying clients, or you can’t quite push through that income ceiling you’ve hit, chances are good that your mindset and language are to blame.

Module 3 is all about readjusting your internal thoughts so they project the right message to new clients and to yourself and…

  • Top mindset makeover goals that have the power to dramatically change your life and your business
  • 3 proven exercises to increase your personal worth factor—this one change will automatically give your income a boost
  • How to kick your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs to the curb — doing this will instantly launch you to top-level status
  • What it takes to land a $10,000 client (just a few of these and you’ve got yourself an annual income!)

Module 4 – Raise Your Profile to Add More Zeros to Your Income

Module 4 is all about your image, because believing you’re worth top-dollar is only part of the equation. You have to also present yourself and your business in a way that leaves no doubt as to your expertise and skills.

In this Module, we’ll cover…

  • The one AMAZING secret that will separate a low profile service and a high profile service that you already have but don’t know it
  • A real-life case study of one brand’s makeover—and the spectacular results they achieved.
  • 3 areas that deserve special attention—even if you do nothing else, updating these three things can uplevel your business.
  • The critical difference between so-so sales funnels and profit-pulling powerhouses that prove you’re worth every penny you charge
  • Why quality matters in all things — and the top infrastructure choices service providers at your level use and recommend.





ellen Ellen used the program to take the next step in her career. With her new confidence level and awareness of opportunity, she secured a new, higher paying position in just 30 days!

“The biggest thing that I feel inside is all about confidence. I just feel so warm. And I was just really happy that she was able to break it down, that I understood how to do this and it doesn’t feel overwhelming.”

ben Ben was conflicted on how to price his first EVER training program, seeing that he didn’t have any experience. With the knowledge he gained in the Double Your Rates program, he priced his product and made his first sale in just ONE HOUR! How’s that for taking action?

“Crystal’s presentation was outstanding. So many times things can become so overwhelming that a lot of people don’t take action because they don’t know what to do first. If I can do it, you can do it!”

nancy Nancy owns a high end wedding venue and bed & breakfast. Nancy doubled her rates and tripled her business – She went booking month to month with open weekends to now booking two years in advance!

“My business is growing thanks to Crystal. Crystal is woman with vision and incredible knowledge who understands how to deal with people which is so important to me. She listens to my concerns and helps me find the solutions.”



A private 20 minute “Get UNStuck” coaching call to answer your biggest questions ($500 value)




My Top 20 Tools For Upleveling Your Business ($97 value)

You Can’t Just WISH For Higher Rates

Here’s where most business owners like you fail. They buy into “the secret” style thinking, and get stuck trying to “manifest” better clients, higher prices, 6-figure months.

It doesn’t work.

Only good old-fashioned action-taking strategies do. And I’ve outlined them all in this easy-to-follow course designed to take your programs and packages from lackluster to 5-figures and beyond.

And not only to you win, but your new clients win BIG because they will get a far superior service that leads them to their own massive results!

Enroll TODAY and watch your business grow!


How I Teach

It is important that you understand how I teach to help you determine if we are a good fit.

I will empower you. I will challenge you. I will critique your thoughts.

I believe with every cell in my body that you can achieve your goals and see success. You just have to want it.

When I started my business, I wanted to create a place where people could go to learn business skills and technology but be pushed to reach their goals.

You figure out what you want and I’ll figure out a way to teach you.

I speak the TRUTH. People say “the truth hurts,” but only if you’re not willing to accept it. I will give you the truth. It’s the only thing to help you move forward.

I want to help you pull success from within you. For some people, it’s easier to do. For some people, it’s like pulling alligator teeth. And that’s ok.

If you won’t give up, I am here for you.





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