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Level Up


All successful people have coaches
or mentors to guide them through
the steps required to reach their goals.

And now it’s time for you to do the same.

Why You Should Join

Personal Coaching

Work with a coach to guide you through each step of building your business. We can work with you to overcome obstacles, teach you new skills, or help you up when you fall.

We empower you and challenge you to make your dreams a reality.

Feedback and Support

You get immediate feedback and support – without judgement – in the program. Whether you have a new idea you want to run by us, get clear on your next step, or need a confidence boost to help you move forward, we’re here for you.

We enlighten you to help you see options you can’t on your own.


Surround yourself with like minded business owners who are also committed to growing. It can be hard to keep on track when not everyone around you is on board with your dreams.

We provide a safe place in the group to get the support and encouragement you need to keep growing.

How It Works

LIVE Session – Danbury or New Milford, CT

Each live session is different. The content taught is based on the group’s needs. This ensure that each member receives a valuable experience and the content applies to getting YOU to YOUR next level.

During the in person session, you’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered and hear from other members and how they are getting to the next level.

When you enroll in the program, you’ll be invited to the next monthly LIVE in person session.

We offer our live sessions on the first Wednesday of each month at 6 pm – 8 pm. Additional dates and times will be added as necessary. Schedule changes may occur, but not often.

We limit the number of members in each group so we can provide a personal service to each member.

Private Member Facebook Group

During the rest of the month, you are not left alone. Upon becoming a member, you will gain access to our 24/7 private member-only Facebook group to support you.

You may use this group to get additional questions answered, receive and offer feedback, support other members, or learn a new skill to help you move forward.


We are a team of skilled advisors who have built our own businesses and support thousands of other business owners in reaching their goals. We can offer a different perspective to growing your business – a perspective you can’t see on your own.

We can help you reduce mistakes and get to your goals faster. Our team is constantly learning new skills in both personal growth and technology to help you best. You will be supported, held accountable, and build a network of high quality contacts.

Are You Ready To Level Up?

Before You Apply, You Should Know…

We require a minimum 6 month commitment for membership.

You agree to attend and participate in each live session as well as the private Facebook group.

This is a no-promo group, meaning it is not permitted to use the group to solicit yourself or your products/services/events.

The Details


Tuesday June 6, 2017 (change in schedule for June)


6 pm – 8 pm


New Milford, CT (actual location is TBD. We’ll send you the location after you register)


As our live session falls during dinnertime, we will provide light refreshments. Please plan accordingly.


$197 per month


nancy Nancy owns a high end wedding venue and bed & breakfast. Nancy doubled her rates and tripled her business – In one year, she went booking month to month with open weekends to now booking two years in advance!
Steve runs a business selling semi-conductors – a very specialized market. In one year, Steve raised his sales by $100,000 using what we taught him. Now, he continues to use these tactics to keep the cash flowing!


Crystal Girgenti, Founder

Crystal is known for helping startup business owners make it to their first $100,000 in business.

She works with startup service based businesses and direct sales consultants, guiding them through the process of building a successful business and training them to use the technology needed at each step.

She will empower you. She will challenge you. And she will push you to reach whatever goals you may have.

Crystal built DYIG to offer a safe, judgement-free place for business owners to get the help they needed and become aware of what holds them back from the success they desire. She won’t give up unless you give up.

Ben Eison, Senior Consultant

Ben is known for developing a sales strategy that helped him generate over $20 million in revenue.

His vast management experience with large Fortune 500 technology & communications companies, as well as, work as a small business coach & management consultant confirms Ben’s exceptional ability to build, train, and mentor successful sales & operations teams.

Ben’s core belief is that the best results in business (and life) are obtained when “people are given the support they need, and inspired to give their best in the passionate pursuit of their goals and dreams”.


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