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If you’re like most startup business owners, you opened up shop to be in control of your own finances while doing what you love.

But now that the dust has settled, finding clients is harder than you thought!

You think, “Did I make the right decision?” “Can I do this?” “Where can I find clients?”

You’re not making the money you thought you would and if you don’t do something quick, you may be in trouble.

We know exactly how you’re feeling, because we were once there too!

Right now, you need to step back and get very clear on your goals, the message you’re putting out there, the offers you’re making, and where to find clients that are ready, willing, and able to pay you.



…is the answer to getting rid of the overwhelm you’re feeling – the state of confusion. This state of confusion stops you dead in your tracks and delays any success.

We can help you gain clarity around things you need most right now:

  1. Your goals (are you strategically planning and creating realistic goals, or just “wingin’ it?”)
  2. Who you serve (if you don’t know where to find clients, it’s because you’re not clear on who you serve)
  3. Your messaging (are you speaking to your audience in a way that positions you are the authority or someone they want to work with?)
  4. How to have sales conversations (it can be devastating to your business if you have any resistance to asking for sales)
  5. How to guide clients through the process of working with you (think repeat customers, increased profits, and new offerings that will keep your bank account consistent and full)

Clarity will open your eyes to your next move. We give you knowledge and training to keep you moving forward.


If you’re looking to get your feet wet in an entry level program, the Clarity to Cash program is a great starting point.

In four (4) weeks, we teach you how to set clear goals, get clear on who you serve, understand how to have sales conversations that don’t feel sleazy, and how to create sales funnels, or the process by which you’ll guide your clients through as they engage.

You’ll find the course description and learn more about this very popular program here: Clarity to Cash.

Would You Like To Discuss Your Next Move?

Not getting the results you want in your business can be draining on your confidence and drive. You are doing so many things at once that you are overwhelmed and not sure what to do next to get more clients and make more money. It’s time for an upgrade!

Every day our coaches and trainers help business owners like you get clear on what’s holding them back and what actions will help the most right now. Schedule a complimentary session to uncover the obstacles in your path. There’s no obligation to work with us and you won’t be subjected to sleazy sales tactics.

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